When I was out…

So I have moved into a flat now. I have a place to stay for a while. Today I had to go into the high street to bu things like covers, a pillow and stuff like that. So it was Saturday and the crowds in town didn’t really annoy me, they just made me think ”what’s all this craze” and ”whats all this rush..and stress”, as I felt pretty chilled going around. A few things I did notice over these last few days.

People (including myself) queueing to collect my prepaid train tickets from the self service machine; almost missing my train due to the size of the queue!

My train was cancelled due to a power cut on the rail line; I was transferred to a coach which left an hour later than the train would have..and arrived at my destination one hour later than my train would have.

Overcrowded buses. 

I actually struggled to pass a bus stop because there was people queued at both the station and along the wall leaving the path very narrow!

A massive use of iPhones and Samsung Smart phones.

I also noticed lots of old people…looking scared a lot. I don’t know why. But why should they?

A generation gap perhaps? An elder lady unwilling to use the self service point in WHSmith, she said to the assistant she didn’t know how…

I also sat on a bench on my own watching/listening to a large man playing bagpipes realising that i’m only in this city until I graduate in May and I don’t call this place home (random) but I like it here. Pretty Scottish place!


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