what questions I have asked

The majority of my facebook friends are either snowboarders,skiiers,skaters,instructors,live in the mountains or work in resort. I sent this questionnaire to 74 of these people so far through Facebook.


Hi guys!! I have a big project for my final year starting. I’m basing it around the snowboard/skiing industry and how we can make the journeys we face less stressful and more enjoyable.
Could you answer these few question please!?

1.Do you ski or snowboard?

2.Do you have children? if so how old?How many?

3.Do you prefer the Alps, the Dry Slope or Indoors?

4.Do you travel lightly?

5.What transport do you use mostly for this?

6.One word to describe each stage of your snow trip:

Travelling to resort:
Traveling home:

on my season i got wacked between the legs with a ski pole! by some grumpy skiier in the lift queue!

Is there anything that annoys you?

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