Designing for people.

I’m just going to write this because I have been thinking about it:

I really enjoy designing.It surrounds us constantly and is definitely taken for granted in this day and age. People want and they don’t need most of the time. Things can be improved and we can have better lives through product design and other disciplines of course! Architecture: making our surroundings more usable/ comfortable, and web design allowing us to get the best from the internet in the simplest, easiest quickest way.

This website is so simple easy to use and gives a sense of confidence in the company because everything is organised, tight and simple. It’s nice.



I think emotive design is a great way to make people care, realise, interact, sense, and change the attitudes or moods of the people involved. 

One thing I dislike is gadgets, cluster and little novelty products like laughing dogs at Christmas time which will be thrown in a corner sooner or later. As much as it sounds silly, it seems like a global problem, people don’t care about what they are buying. Just because it’s good at the time…

Anyway I was in town today walking around and taking some video shots of people walking around. I was looking at what age they were, how they walked (1’s,2’s, groups), what they were carrying, and how they looked (happy/sad/excited) I have captured some of this which i’m just about to edit with my lovely recovered laptop! YEP!


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