proposal: How big does our personal space have to be?

I will be taking a deeper insight into how people use their personal space on a day to day basis. It’s interesting how we respond to out surroundings, how we feel comfortable in some situations more than others. How we perceive each other and how our mood can quickly change if someone comes to close. A few sub topics I will cover are emotive design and changes in behavior initially through the research and development stages.


Is ‘our’ personal space always as we would want it?

Primary research: most if not all of this research will be based around public areas whether it be as small as a coridoor, a room to bigger places such as streets, the supermarket, shops and stations. Observing these areas will give an insight into how people work in their every day lives in spaces they are provided or not provided with.

Secondary research will allow me to collect statistics through the internet. Looking further into emotive design and psychology, websites such as TED Talks, Word press, Youtube, Vimeo and Slide share provide a wider scale of information from previous observations by other designers and professionals and allow me to develop the findings I have from my initial research.

A few professionals I will follow include Dan Gilbert(psychologist), Don Norman(cognitive scientist), Stefan Sagmeister(graphic designer/typographer), Joseph Pier(IT consultant,business), Marin Seligman(Director of positive psychology centre) and others.

From the information collected I will have a firm base of data which I will use to help the needs within the problem area I am looking at, an insight into user experience, a deeper insight into the life styles of people around us every day and I will know exactly where the room for personal space should be explored. Using illustrator and spider grams the information I find and ideas I have can be seen clearly.


I will be constantly updating observations and further research onto Word press where I will upload:

Photos/Videos: People, places, public, peoples attitudes, emotions, attitudes of people, demographics (age, size, occupation), what people have, what they carry etc,

I want to capture short interviews/of approaching various groups of people from young to old and find out how their personal space effects them in different scenarios and how they use their space.


As a result of this project I would like to work within the product design industry potentially with a company that is pro-active and open to new ideas and new ways of thinking. My strong point is the observations I make as I am greatly inspired by people in the public sector. I like to design for people who ‘need’ rather than ‘want’.





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