The bubble that surrounds you

This is really interesting. The bubble that surrounds people marking their personal space can be violated in so many ways that are not thought of by others because they are more bothered about their own personal space. Not meant obviously, just naturally and in someones subconscious.

virtual environments may be another platform to study physical social interaction. It specifically found that the unwritten rules of personal space are so powerful, people even impose them on their cyber selves.

this shows that peoples personal space is important to them. You can have a website or a Facebook profile knowing that you are sharing yourself with others virtually. You can control who can come into your personal space. Therefore this statement emphasises  how people are protective about the bubble that surrounds them both physically and mentally.

According to scientists, personal space involves not only the invisible bubble around the body, but all the senses. People may feel their space is being violated when they experience an unwelcome sound, scent or stare: the woman on the bus squawking into her cellphone, the co-worker in the adjacent cubicle dabbing on cologne, or the man in the sandwich shop leering at you over his panini.

Personally, I have been in situations as the ones above.

1.working with somebody with body odour.

Having a great day at work and everything is smooth. Suddenly someone comes into a close proximity of yours and doesn’t smell fresh. Instantly I turn defensive and don’t want to be in that persons area and don’t want them to come into my personal space. My personal space would increase/decrease depending on how close/far away from me the person was.

2.someone staring at you.

Standing outside at a bus stop and people stand opposite. Someone stares at you for whatever reason and there is nothing you can do but notice that they are still staring. Instantly your personal space is becoming suffocated because you cannot leave because you are waiting for your bus. However this may be uncomfortable but it is something you can learn to overcome perhaps using a magazine or mobile phone.

3.eating in public.

I have noticed a few friends will buy a packet of sandwiches and eat them. I like to eat my sandwich whole but others break it up inside he box and eat it in small pieces. This is because eating smaller bites may seem more accepted so you are not seen as greedy or so hungry. Again if someone stares at you eating however way you eat they are coming into your comfort zone making you aware.

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