In circles two is a crowd

In circles two is a crowd

this article isn’t new, it’s from November 2006. However it covers a lot of things I have noticed about human behavior in public spaces. How people instinctively act in every day situations:

In this photo at Aberdeen train station (looking at the people using the seats)

I can instantly tell from the photo that there are 4 people alone and 1 couple. There is only 4 seats on each bench and the people alone are sitting on a seat which gives them a greater personal space. And they look pretty at ease. On the other hand to the far right of the picture, a couple are sitting next to each other even touching jackets. This is because they know each other and are comfortable with being in each others personal space. I wonder how the individual people would act if someone sat next to them as appose to 2 seats away from them. Filming the reactions could answer how peoples behavior changes when their personal space is invaded.


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