A good talk and my project

This is such a great talk. Really makes you think about design and it even made me think about my own project in product design. I could easily design a chair…but there are enough chairs in the world. Or even a new mobile phone even though the ones we have are almost limitless! However after this talk, it has confirmed a few things in my head. That we should design for the needs of people and not the wants of people. Like the problem I have been researching:

“How can design make people more comfortable with having others in and allowing more people in their personal space?”

And by this question I am thinking about our space, our senses, our possessions our behaviour and the design we have become accustomed to in our Century. Since the industrial revolution people became more independent and wanted more. And this happened however now it has come to a point where people are relying on more and more produce even when they do not need it. So I like simple ideas and thinking back before we were taken over by technology to an extent. This is when you wouldn’t/ wouldn’t have a choice who you sat next to on a bus or train. When people were comfortable in the streets to sit next to someone without a second thought or even avoiding that area. If design can bring back the way people think, changing their behaviour instead of closing off for their own worlds, people may actually be comfortable with others and allow others into their personal space so he world doesn’t become even more alienated isolating people. And no I am not trying to change the world!



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