Now and Then



And Now.


This post has nothing to do with snowboarding…I have just come home to Edinburgh for Christmas. I went into my old cupboard to find my book ‘The planets’. I wanted to see if I still had it because I won it or a school project when I was 8, that was when my teacher let us memorise all the popular planets in Space. And until now I haven’t thought much about Space until a few days ago when I was speaking to my flat mate about it for some reason.

From thinking purely about Space in terms of our universe and planets within it at a younger age, I was also naive about the size of people on Earth. Because we think people are big and little, fat and thin. However, on a broader scale, outside of Earth…we are all small. Yet the world is a crazy place, people want to be famous in the world and when they are they feel big. But again, they are still small. I only thought about these things when I was thinking about the sky at night. Because looking at the sky at night is like looking into Space through a large window, what we call he atmosphere. Such a nice thought when things get tough. We can’t visit the unknown but we can think about it because we are only one planet in a large place.


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