RSA design competition…everything but the final design ofcourse

first page

problemdevelopment draft


first day back in the studio

accompanied by a few essentials. Glad to be back after a long and crazy Christmas. I better get started: hopefully by the end of the day I will have my illustrator work for the RSA project converted so I can post it on here as I have failed at putting a lot of my own final work up.


Tignes 2013 snowboard trip

Tignes 2013 snowboard trip

I have just come back from a week in the French Alps with around 90 other RGU students. Snowboarding every day and fancy dress every night! Was such a good time to take a break on my final year of university! Things like this make me want to be a student forever!


I have just walked through the royal college of art. The atmosphere was great. There was some buzz in the air that made it seem a good place to be. It seemed busy, people climbing walls to sort their exhibitions… Just a shame all the design tutors were out!

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Heading to London today…

I have never been. Except for catching a bus and visiting the millennium dome at 12. I’m looking forward to seeing this city despite someone describing it as ‘a black hole’ in relation to design/ design jobs. I’ll ignore that for now. I’m going to visit St Martins College and check out the design school which is pretty exciting! Every picture I take I will post when I get back on Sunday with no editing. Just a collage of how I see London through my camera. For now…that’s all.

The 3D wayfinder

I have been researching how other designers have worked with technology to create a 3D option for people to travel through train stations. This video shows a design which is very complex in a large building where you can easily find brands, gifts, shops and the best routes to get to your destination automatically. The design is futuristic but probably not too far away. The only thing with this design that I don’t agree with is the large amount of options for its user. Although the idea looks nice, how many people will be waiting to use this one machine at one time? And how long will it take to find the destination due to the selection of options? I have been designing for the interior of the train stations to control and defeat the crazy, busy, uncontrolled human traffic to make the journey ‘The good journey’ however I think the key is to make the service I am going to design much more unique and accessible to the travellers, public and commuters using the journey daily, weekly etc. I am going to do this through connecting the smart phone users to the interior of the train station to avoid confusion, panics, and getting caught in the masses of people whilst travelling from ‘A’ the entrance of the station, to ‘B’ the preferred train platform.

I will upload the work I am working on soon.