The Good Journey development.

I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking rather than being physically productive over the last few weeks. I never read. Unless its something that catches my eye or unless I am on a relaxing holiday however I have just received some new books which appear really great. It’s a good feeling using books as a development medium aswell as a research tool. I have been reading about ‘way finding’ design on sections focussing on colour/colour selection and how interior, architects and designers use colour as ”powerful wayfinding tools”. I like the idea of integrating colour with design, not for aesthetic appearance of the design but for the use and the opportunity colour brings to creating something great and user friendly. I have never come across this role/position and now that I have found it, it seems like a great and promising area for me to explore and follow. You will see this sort of design in ‘the good journey’ project which I am completing over the next week or so.

Common colour indicators… Blue for male: Pink for female. These rough photos were taken in Aberdeen’s Academy which has a relatively modern interior which makes me wonder if it will always be generic that these two colours will always represent the two sexes. It looks ‘okay’ and freshly done however I find this interior very dated and bland. Then again it is only guiding people to the toilet up a relatively straight forward stair case that you can only see when you actually have to use the toilets.


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