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From shaping the bubble to behavioural change…to date.

A few images from the exhibit area showing and explaining my project and research work. After this stage I will be designing and innovating to create a change in peoples distant behaviour within our society today.




This programme is great, showing fururistic ideas and ways of lving. It captures the intensity of the digital world and portrays the extent it can take on our lives. Connecting to dead people through internet/smart phones- as the internet has collected the characteristics and vocabulary of the dead person whilst they were still alive- to access to a morph of the dead persons body and bringing it to life…sounds scary and perhaps gross but this is a great show. Thinking into the future it would be hard to say what is and what is not possible.

Black Mirror-

Newcastle Design Workshop and Exhibition

These are a few images from a Newcastle design workshop I went to a while ago. A few of th designs in the street were old but nice to visit like the park bench emerging folding over as it comes from the ground and how the concrete rug climbs the wall. These designs are attractive because they are different. We notce them because of this. The installations in the exhibition are also interesting: the hospital ward was strange to walk through thinking people do that for a living with empty body bags hanging etc…

what I learned from this is people will act differently if something is different or abnormal to the things/designs we are used to and take for granted. It is important that something is unique to catch the public attention and change a behaviour. And I can take this and use it with my development work for my honours project at the moment.



board game too

board game



The isolated society

A few shots from my self-directed project (sketchbook)

At the moment I am touching on facets other than product design. I am working on understanding how all these facets of design have worked together to create isolation from person to person. You will say that design has brought people together because we have Facebook and Twitter;  take away this social network animosity and we are left with people. You may socialise on-line…  in fact most people do. But this isn’t socialising how it has always been. People see people less. People are less accepted in reality. And as a society we are becoming more and more isolated from person to person. This is on general terms because you may go to the pub or coffee shop to socialise (with friends) but the point I am trying to make is revisiting design and how it used to be can definitely help re-think for the future to let people become more at ease with each other on a daily basis and cut out this physical social restriction that the digital world is promoting. #acceptingthedigitalworld and #designingtomakeadifference





Plane research

I especially like the research methods carried out in this video. It is pretty impressive to see something like this and how far the research team, pilots etc have pushed the project. I was sceptical about watching this as I travel by air a lot, but then I thought, this programme could only help and if the results are adequate…I should really feel safe each time I fly.