The isolated society

A few shots from my self-directed project (sketchbook)

At the moment I am touching on facets other than product design. I am working on understanding how all these facets of design have worked together to create isolation from person to person. You will say that design has brought people together because we have Facebook and Twitter;  take away this social network animosity and we are left with people. You may socialise on-line…  in fact most people do. But this isn’t socialising how it has always been. People see people less. People are less accepted in reality. And as a society we are becoming more and more isolated from person to person. This is on general terms because you may go to the pub or coffee shop to socialise (with friends) but the point I am trying to make is revisiting design and how it used to be can definitely help re-think for the future to let people become more at ease with each other on a daily basis and cut out this physical social restriction that the digital world is promoting. #acceptingthedigitalworld and #designingtomakeadifference






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