This is inspiring, the process is thoughtful and clever and people like this because they can relate to the design as it sends messages to them about them and the world they live in…


first formal chat…with the engineer

I am of to have dinner with a masters electrical engineering student from my university. I need to find out:

How can I let these lights sense people using the table? How can I get the lights to have a sequence that will connect from on persons space to the next and how can the whole table eventually glow when the table full?

These are some photos from testing wood with basic LED lights to see what effects these two materials can create…

Making something look real…

A few days ago I mocked up a quick and basic sketch of my final design Untitled-2. However, I have to speak to a few people from digital media and from the engineering school so I plan to make this sketch look real. Hopefully after these two tutorials:


I am aiming to take these tutorials and apply them to my design in illustrator to give create a clear effect of how my design will look and work.



Starbucks coffee table…future thinking

I like the wooden effect that comes with this table, think it would be a good bases to integrate parts of my project into an old style/shape table that was initially designed for sharing with others. Wood and a neutral green lighting system will keep an ambient atmosphere in the environment it will be used in.

Not all artists are painters…

I think this work is beautiful, how someone can use light to enhance the beauty of the world we live in…to see something out of the ordinary now and again is inspiring just like Bruce Munro’s work. I think having the ability to see the world in a different way through pure art takes real passion and creativity…

Bruce Munro’s water towers

more of this type of work @

Bringing lights to identify personal space…development stage.

These are a few of the first photos I have taken from the process of creating the final piece. The final piece will be complete in 6 weeks but you will not be able to tell what it is until you see it. I will just be posing various photos along the way…

work update…before prototyping week

I designed a quick version of a ‘coffee pole’ aimed at allowing strangers to feel comfortable with each other in a captive environment, in this case: the university cafe. The reason for the prototype was to find out where and how people would prefer to stand in relation to someone they did not know whilst using the same drink stand. I did not know what the results would be as I don’t know how each person thinks however the results brought back a correlation from the people who used the pole.

1. 90% of the people preferred if a stranger stood opposite them. This was to do with eye-contact and knowing what that person is doing. It is important for people to know what others around them are doing in order for them to feel at ease.

2. The other 10% would allow a stranger to stand by their side whilst using the design. These people said that being in a captive environment, it  is normal to be close to others in it. Because a captive environment is not always a small space however it may be a large space like a festival or shopping mall where the swarms of people then create a captive space due to the amount of people passing through and using the space.

One person also wrote a note on the pole on some lines I’d provided and they said:

‘”would individual coffee shelves not separate people rather than connect them?”

I took this thought on board along with the other results and I will post more photos up soon with further development for this project.