So I don’t forget…

I have to remember this from somewhere along the research stage,

During the time of the industrial revolution, designers started focussing their furniture design on the ‘want’s of the people.

The furniture was designed for individuals as oppose to groups therefore encouraged people to become more distant from others, enjoying their own ‘private’ space as this was a luxury after baring the cramped conditions at this time.

Now in the 21st Century, when using many designs i.e. bus stops, tables, sofas, environments, spaces…people are now uncomfortable with people that they don’t know.

So with the design I am working on, my concept is aimed at allowing people to have their own space(as this is proved to be crucial) whilst sharing their space with other people, in a way that is subtle and takes away that forceful element of leaving their comfort zone by standing/sitting next to someone they may not know.

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