The water of Leith in Edinburgh

We used to drive past this area every so often when I was little but it was one of those places you’d only see from the car window. At the end of summer, actually when I was visiting Leith school of Art, I walked along a creepy dark road with my dog and ended up here. It was pretty cold for the summer but was lovely just to sit at. I also seen an old artist who looked around 80 years old having a paint which was cute.ImageImageImagewalk


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I have so many. But so does everyone else.

The world has gone crazy in many ways:

The mad rush to find someone physically beautiful. To find beautiful clothes. Hair. Eyes. A general appearance. An aesthetically pleasing car, house, cushion cover to impress visitors who might also appreciate that beauty. The reason for this constant search for beauty is probably because of the sheer absence of it in the world that we have to turn to good looking tangible products…