I’ve had a crazy day in my head. All I can think about is the fact I’m working straight through until the 28th of August. Wondering how hard it’s going to be. That’s 6 weeks without a free day.

Today I was learning some Japanese because I need a new challenge. My brain just doesn’t switch off. I get bored easy and need new things in my life and new people. I keep the people I need in my life close to me because I love them and know they won’t hurt me. I think it’s important not to rely on others always and prove to yourself you can work hard and make it. People ask what I want to be after my Masters. If you asked me at the start of University I’d have said a Product designer. But studying that made me realise the creative possibilities that are out there. It’s not hugely important for me to succeed but it exciting to push my mind to its limits and see what I’m capable of. I’ve still never met my mum or dad and I don’t think I will just incase seeing them changes my outlook on life or my goals. Seeing what they are in real life might make me stop. I don’t mind change but that’s a change I’d rather avoid. It’s strange. Anyway I better sleep after my ‘wee winge’ and get ready for work!




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