Suffocate a creative mind

The title of this sounds quite hilarious. I’ve been working for the last 28 days without one day off, and been working for a year in a job I genuinely dislike. It wouldn’t be a life choice and it wouldn’t be something I’d opt to go back to. I’m working in a call centre for a large fashion company (H&M) for one more month to get the rest of my money together to study my Masters in Environmental design at Glasgow School of Art. It really can’t come fast enough. I have a headache as I write this from tiredness because my mind has been forced to work in a way it really would rather not work. It’s exhausted.

Answering repetitive calls and answering repetitive emails numbs your mind. You don’t have to think anymore. Your brain is becoming trained to become lazy and stay on a level where nothing is a challenge. It’s not the greatest way to spend a year but I’m so glad I’m aware of this so I don’t get sucked into that life. I’d be a very unhappy person ha! My brain is screaming at me…there’s more than this. Art school will give you those very opportunities next month.

Thank god.



One thought on “Suffocate a creative mind

  1. Claire, a cycling analogy for you – Riders who undergo and survive the gruelling test that is the Tour de France are better prepared both physiologically and psychologically for the next race, only one week after, than riders who have rested the last month. You will hit art college running like a train and leave all those holiday makers back from slobbing it in Majorca behind. I hope you love every minute of the opportunities you will be given as much as I did and I know that you will give it every scrap of your creative energies over the coming years. Keep in touch, Best wishes, Trevor

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