Reclaiming human contact…What?

I always worry about the strength of technology and that we’ve become numb to believe that it is good for us, it’s our first port of call and recently even more so than our actual physical friends. Something I’ve noticed over the last 18 months is that people are shocked when you call them… ”’re calling me?” mixed with “Aw it’s nice to actually talk on the phone…” This is something I come back to every so often as I find it fascinating that people really are becoming isolated due to technology. Connected but alone. Over the coming months I’ll be exploring this more as I believe we should be able to hold a conversation. I feel that exploring this topic is a real risk as technology has already taken its place in our life but I’m sure that as ‘humans’ we’d be open to the chance of being us again. This sounds weird and sounds much more interesting in person.


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