Juhanni Pallasmaa…The eyes of the skin.


Don’t think I’ve laughed at any book I’ve read for this course so far…until now.

“Many years ago when visiting the DL James Residence in Carmel, California, designed by Charles and Henry Greene, I felt compelled to kneel and touch the delicately shining white marble threshold of the front door with my tongue”

-Juhani Pallasmaa

I think now in the modernist movement of architecture buildings wouldn’t entice the same urge, to touch it with your tongue. I totally agree┬áthat buildings have been designed more recently for the pleasure of our eyes, straight forward and easy to understand, large glass facades and metal railings. My tongue would freeze just looking at these structures.


Making Routes

Final Bridge Journey

Taking two separate routes to cross over Charing Cross I wanted to compare and contrast the two environments through creating a sound scape for each. The first route, I crossed the bridge and the second I crossed the underpass (directly below the bridge).
Listening back to the recordings there is a vivid difference in the two journeys not only in the types of sound but in the experience felt through these sounds.