Does social media create isolation or unity?

There isn’t a straight answer that I have found to answer this question. It is a very subjective topic and down to personal opinion. From a journal by Metaxia Markaki (urban design) and Spyridon Ampanavos (tech, Athens). I have found both pros and cons of using technology within the urban realm.

“social media ultimately is what you bring to it, rather than something that has a definite use value”

Pros and Cons of technology:


  • it provides a platform for people to connect instantly and socialise, keep in contact with one another.
  • American students have managed to link digital activities with face to face interactions.
  • Being connected can provide a stronger sense of community in ones local area…these may be support groups, accessibility.


  • Deprivation of human interaction
  • Social networks only provide the illusion of companionship- without the given experience of quality interactions
  • Creates an artificial perspective of others as well as the environment they may find themselves in.
  • In considering Facebook (the most common use of phones in these spaces)is passive by many. This correlates to a marginal increase in depression.
  • We ignore people we are with for the online substitute.

“feelings of loneliness are exacerbated by being online (connected) too much with people more willing to experience a sense of isolation if they feel that others around them are enjoying themselves more”


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