Why this project?

My name is Clare Janice Bevis and I’m 23 years old. I know that your memory can only go back until you were about 10/12 years old and I was adopted when I was 3 months old so I never knew my biological parents and I still don’t. I like my life this way because it is all I have known and had to know and I got used to doing things my way because I was different to everyone else who I ever met who had a ‘normal’ life with their ‘real’ families. About 1 year ago just before I went on to do my final ‘honours’ year I met my biological sister for the first time. It was the most bizarre and scary experience after not knowing anyone like me for 22 years and I couldn’t adjust to having this person in my life. It was like she was invading my path to where I wanted to go. She seemed very close and it scared me because she was a stranger and I couldn’t understand…why couldn’t I accept her? I thought by her coming into my life, she would redirect my path as to where I wanted to go…I’d have to deal with someone like me which I’d never had to deal with before. I wished it could be different and that I could turn ‘normal’ and welcome her into my life but I just couldn’t.

I then went back to Gray’s the summer after meeting her on my gap year and started my project about ‘invasion of personal space’. At first I just chose it as a project but didn’t know why. And the more I could explore it let me understand why I was doing it, it was because that for most people sharing their space in public areas has become abnormal. We are all just people so why can’t we share our space with others? I could passionately design for this because I had that time about 1 year ago where I had that awkward feeling of discomfort through someone coming into my life who I didn’t know. I could then design for a lower scale problem for others to allow people to be comfortable with each other who may not necessarily know each other. It was either meeting my sister again and getting used to having her in my life, or really do my design work that I always loved doing more than anything. I had to shut her out since 1/4 of the way into the year to be able to do the project I am doing.


I also follow someone on instagram @Dymagate who hides padlocks around the city as a street art project who said on one of his posts,

‘turn your anxiety to creativity’ which is one of the nicest things I know is true.



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