You are so digital. But do you have to be?

where everyone thinks ”YEAH! New technology! I can Tweet, Facebook and find exactly what shop that dress is in in this supermarket! All on my smartphone!!” I like that technology is becoming so advanced to an extent. But not to the extent where the applications do not actually help us but waste out time or allow us to procrastinate continuously. In public transport having a game to keep us amused if we are on our own or music to set us up for the day ahead is fine. And I think there is a sudden expectation for designers to take new technology with two hands and make it better again. It shouldn’t be this way because all the ‘little’ things like the people, the place where we live, and the environments we are in are not used to their potential but instead ignored most of the time because that little screen that is your mobile phone is constantly flashing and guiding you and stealing you away from the environment that you are actually in physically.


The train station.

Step 1: Look at this figure preferably on your smart phone as you would at the train station, or on your way there. And put yourself in the situation below:

Step 2: Basically, from what I have written above about smart phones…apply this sort of behaviour to:

yourself in the busiest train station on a Saturday. Your train is soon. You are on the bus on your way to the train station. You still have to go to the self-service ticket machine to collect your tickets. You still need to find out your platform. You wont find out until you enter the station. After collecting your ticket and finding out your platform you have 10 minutes to get to your platform. The station is too busy and people are everywhere. So you start heading to platform. You have a few minutes and people are boarding the train already! There are still people who are running across, diagonally and out of control because they are also in your situation. They have somewhere to be too. After squeezing through and avoiding as many people as you can you have reached your platform just in time. How many times did you look at your phone throughout this adventure? A train station isn’t always the best place for a mobile phone. The best use for your phone really, in this situation is ‘time’. Not too much else.


Wouldn’t this journey be easier if:

You collected your ticket. And the rest was handed over to the responsibility of the train station? By this, why should you be forced a stressful start to your journey when a change can be made so you can get around the station and to your platform in a smoother way. A less forceful way. How can the train station change to allow this ‘good journey’ that we really expect.




a poem

when you can reach for something, you can have it

and everything’s fine because you then have it.

however you might not appreciate it as much as

when you can’t reach it and it makes you want it more

so you have to get it no matter what

and that’s the only thought that runs through your mind

until you have it.

and it’s yours.

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love Bristol

On my way home from the summer in Cornwall I went skating in Bristol and walked around a lot since it was a nice day. It felt so friendly but there was nothing special about it at first apart from it being a huge city with lots of nationalities. Then I started notice some graffiti but I thought they were just here and there like in every city but the more I walked around! It was everywhere and tonight I’ve just read up that Banksy started his work in Bristol. Awesome! I also walked through a market full of lots of little things like bags, photos, paintings and jewelry: some artists selling there work and for really cheap. Didn’t realise it was so lovely, just spending on day there makes me want to go back as soon as I can and go on a graffiti hunt!Image