who am i and what is this blog?

hello ‘world’

So I’ve had previous blogs through 1st 2nd and 3rd year of my Product Design course. And now I am in 4th (my final) year and this page is going to be updated daily, hourly,minutely for one of my final projects.

My year: My Summer and Winter;

I spent summer on the south coast of Britain on a small group of island, Isles of Scilly. I basically lived here for the summer cut off from most of the things we take for granted every day like internet, local transport, crowds, expectations, fashion but at the same time i met people from all over the world, i saved my money and I now have a different view on every day life. One thing I learned which I will take into my 4th year is that we, people, most people ‘want’ but do we ‘need’? In design I now believe that what we ‘need’ in our lives is much more acceptive to me than just wanting.

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I spent my winter months in the French Alps in the Porte du soleil (door to the sun).

Whilst I was here I spent over 80 days snowboarding away up over 1800m. It was great! I met a lot of French people funnily enough but that place seems to be getting taken over by English people. Times got tough out there, not life threatening but a few weeks I had about 10 euros to get me through! That wasn’t nice but I wasn’t expecting a 5 star luxurious season to be honest! What I did have was awesome.

And this blog is going to take you through ‘The Good Journey’

my honours project where I will look deeply into the every day lives of people commuting to work and university. There is definitely room for improvement to make this journey more efficient and enjoyable. A journey to look forward to.