thought of the day…

I remember about 4 years ago, a designer I met in Edinburgh said to me ”Do chairs need legs?”, obviously promoting that as a designer you should think outside the box. Today I thought to myself, do cafes need tables? It is an interesting concept to think about. Perhaps materials would be saved in the long run, people could become interactive with each other again (physically) and a new design could allow this to happen just from a tiny thought.


Hello 2013. Edinburgh New Year!

I remember jumping around the sofas in my sitting room in 13 years ago when the bells sounded for the millennium however last night I managed to do something a bit more fun! The Edinburgh street party. The weather was good enough to explore a little bit before shopping for whisky, a hit flask, and a visit to Brew Dog so we walked around the closes and the Royal Mile. I am from here but I see something new every time I go back out. Love it.

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Defining my Project:



…so how can design make people share their personal space with others? The area I am looking at is the busiest area, the area where our sense of personal space is lost. We are suffocated in a mass number of people however we will not talk to a stranger and we feel more comfortable to stay inside our bubble. But if something could change this, people would have a sense of belonging to the place that they are in.