My London Trip.


Hello 2013. Edinburgh New Year!

I remember jumping around the sofas in my sitting room in 13 years ago when the bells sounded for the millennium however last night I managed to do something a bit more fun! The Edinburgh street party. The weather was good enough to explore a little bit before shopping for whisky, a hit flask, and a visit to Brew Dog so we walked around the closes and the Royal Mile. I am from here but I see something new every time I go back out. Love it.

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”A couple of years ago I was standing on the nursery slopes of a French ski resort when a family walked past, trailing small children. I gawped with envy: the parents, instead of looking frazzled as they juggled their offspring – plus all those hats, skis, gloves, poles, boots and helmets – looked positively serene.”


”I have continued to traipse to the mountains, hoping that the presence of tiny skiboots would add to the fun. In reality skiing with young children is usually anything but relaxing”


”One of the most stressful parts of my ski experience with kids has been getting through Gatwick airport at an unfeasibly early hour on a weekend morning, alongside thousands of other sleep-deprived parents, kids and gear.”


As many parents know, if a child doesn’t take to a holiday nanny, no amount of fancy certificates can guarantee a relaxing time. In our case, there was another problem: my eldest daughter was wary of the idea of skiing.”



Surely the solution to this problem is not as simple as providing the family with a van to carry their things and a nanny to entertain the children…


I miss the mountains!

I have had three days of a chest infection. Three days almost indoors and three days to think over my honours project. The people and the things i’m around everyday definitely include snowboarding and skate boarding more than alcohol, watching t.v, and reading books.

When I was in France I noticed the types of people, the numbers of people and I noticed mostly the ‘stress’ some people can get into on a supposedly dreamy relaxed ski holiday. So WHY? And more importantly HOW can this problem be solved? Later I will post up some drawings i’ve done of ”the snowboarding trip” to let you see the amount of ”everything” one actually involves.

I then furthered this mind map…

who am i and what is this blog?

hello ‘world’

So I’ve had previous blogs through 1st 2nd and 3rd year of my Product Design course. And now I am in 4th (my final) year and this page is going to be updated daily, hourly,minutely for one of my final projects.

My year: My Summer and Winter;

I spent summer on the south coast of Britain on a small group of island, Isles of Scilly. I basically lived here for the summer cut off from most of the things we take for granted every day like internet, local transport, crowds, expectations, fashion but at the same time i met people from all over the world, i saved my money and I now have a different view on every day life. One thing I learned which I will take into my 4th year is that we, people, most people ‘want’ but do we ‘need’? In design I now believe that what we ‘need’ in our lives is much more acceptive to me than just wanting.

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I spent my winter months in the French Alps in the Porte du soleil (door to the sun).

Whilst I was here I spent over 80 days snowboarding away up over 1800m. It was great! I met a lot of French people funnily enough but that place seems to be getting taken over by English people. Times got tough out there, not life threatening but a few weeks I had about 10 euros to get me through! That wasn’t nice but I wasn’t expecting a 5 star luxurious season to be honest! What I did have was awesome.

And this blog is going to take you through ‘The Good Journey’

my honours project where I will look deeply into the every day lives of people commuting to work and university. There is definitely room for improvement to make this journey more efficient and enjoyable. A journey to look forward to.