A little Nara(tive)

Nara (tive)

Nara (tive)

A tranquil moment, a place frozen in time where nature has been left alone for some time. Dry pebbles surround my feet and slowly crumble disturbing the sleeping pond as I step back. A deer has taken himself from his friends as he stands guarding his Ishidoro that remains unlit. As if protecting the stone feature, he is also protected by the enchanted land that surrounds him.

Looking up, a red temple hides behind the layers of deciduous forest that spreads into the far distance. Up close it changed. Wooden blocks and beams signify the structures strong presence and present the hard craftsmanship from the past. An elegance had been created as the temple stood in contrast with its grand forest all around.

Upon reaching the street, crowds walked upward towards me and the sacred land. Following the grey cobbled path flat white walls appeared on either side of me, reconstructed wood. black beams and small windows and cables that were left in sight as I peeked down one narrow street I passed.

A town had been built here. I was in it. And the aesthetic of a small Japanese village stood out stronger than ever. A reserved respected land.


The water of Leith in Edinburgh

We used to drive past this area every so often when I was little but it was one of those places you’d only see from the car window. At the end of summer, actually when I was visiting Leith school of Art, I walked along a creepy dark road with my dog and ended up here. It was pretty cold for the summer but was lovely just to sit at. I also seen an old artist who looked around 80 years old having a paint which was cute.ImageImageImagewalk

Reflect sometimes…all the time

A clean mind, steady and simple thoughts

Less of a worry putting things into perspective

Stop thinking, stopped worrying and over thinking

Knowing what you want from what you have is important

I have recently realised that doing things I questionably hate

to get where I want to be

being the only reason that I do them.

I can’t wait to move to Glasgow.

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I created a Facebook page so I can upload the art and design work that I am working on at the moment and over the next year. Come and have a look, I’d love to share what I do with you! 



Not all artists are painters…

I think this work is beautiful, how someone can use light to enhance the beauty of the world we live in…to see something out of the ordinary now and again is inspiring just like Bruce Munro’s work. I think having the ability to see the world in a different way through pure art takes real passion and creativity…

Bruce Munro’s water towers

more of this type of work @ http://www.wired.com/design/2012/06/simple-materials-make-bold-lighting-installations/