Hello 2013. Edinburgh New Year!

I remember jumping around the sofas in my sitting room in 13 years ago when the bells sounded for the millennium however last night I managed to do something a bit more fun! The Edinburgh street party. The weather was good enough to explore a little bit before shopping for whisky, a hit flask, and a visit to Brew Dog so we walked around the closes and the Royal Mile. I am from here but I see something new every time I go back out. Love it.

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Desire paths continued…

After reading Gaston’s ‘Poetics of space’ article I have been thinking more about desire paths. And I found one!! However this is only one. By Saturday I should have around 20 desire paths from the city I live in.

near the supermarket

The Good Journey

Creating a change in behavior can make a journey more enjoyable. Every day we walk, run, rush, we get lost and we stress. We always try to find the easiest and fastest route to get to our destination. I have learned that public transport is not the most desirable form of transport. But we need it and many students and commuters rely on this service. 


I have been looking at

  • our behavior around public transport
  • the flow of dynamics around buildings,
  • the natural flow of people around spaces public or not
  • the control of people which is completely oblivious to most. Everyone follows the majority
  • Queuing systems which also create a controlled line or escalate into an uncontrollable large amount of people.


These flows happen. problems arise because these flows are permanent and the environment around is constantly changing