Tignes 2013 snowboard trip

Tignes 2013 snowboard trip

I have just come back from a week in the French Alps with around 90 other RGU students. Snowboarding every day and fancy dress every night! Was such a good time to take a break on my final year of university! Things like this make me want to be a student forever!


Hello 2013. Edinburgh New Year!

I remember jumping around the sofas in my sitting room in 13 years ago when the bells sounded for the millennium however last night I managed to do something a bit more fun! The Edinburgh street party. The weather was good enough to explore a little bit before shopping for whisky, a hit flask, and a visit to Brew Dog so we walked around the closes and the Royal Mile. I am from here but I see something new every time I go back out. Love it.

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just a thought…

I swear I should have done psychology at university instead but I have this thought and it’s recently became very clear…and I’m glad it has because it will help me in life…

So we have lots of people, some people are unique and individual and relatively happy and confident with their lives etc and other people who are a bit bored, not overly enthusiastic about getting up most mornings and just easy to agree to whatever is easiest.

I’ve come to the conclusion that in lots of situations you can get a whole bunch of insecure? people who know they are insecure and need to do something about it so they will join forces with lots of other people like them and when they are altogether, they have a stronger group because there is a big number. But that number really counts for nothing. However when you take individual people from the group and put them with the genuine happy people they are no longer part of that big number and they start acting very differently. Being part of a group isn’t bad… as long as it is genuine and not a mash up.