Desire paths continued…

After reading Gaston’s ‘Poetics of space’ article I have been thinking more about desire paths. And I found one!! However this is only one. By Saturday I should have around 20 desire paths from the city I live in.

near the supermarket

gaston bachelard: “the poetics of space” + desire paths.

gaston bachelard: “the poetics of space” + desire paths..

One of these experiences creates a Desire Path -”a term in landscape architecture used to describe a path that isn’t designed but rather is worn casually away by people finding the shortest distance between two points”. Just as Bachelard examines, it shows how the human use of an architectural or pre-determined flow through space will sometimes over-ride the intentions of it’s creator. Just like nature and evolution itself, life will always find the most expedient route to what it wants.


This quote from Bachelard’s ‘The poetic of space’ is interesting. We see these desired paths every day but never strip the thought down to ‘just getting from A to B’. We know we are going from A to B but we don’t think about how that route we’re taking got there or why it was put there in that specific place. Not every route we take has been put there by an architect or designer, but by ourselves. When an architect or designer creates a new path taking away or cutting off  the route we made ourselves this creates a response from the public.

Here is an example from Grays School of Art, Aberdeen. Students are still going on…