Untitled moment of my every day thoughts for the last while.

So much to come out. 

But it can’t. And it wont.

Not right now.

Because my mind’s been suffocated.

It’s been forced to work in a different way.

A way I wouldn’t dream of if I had a choice right now.

But I don’t.

Because if I choose different, I’ll get nowhere.







Blue sky! Black sky if you were sitting in space…or wouldn’t that be infinite?

I was coming home from work on the bus today. Imagine you could sit on a small planet and watch planet earth for a few hours(years space time) and watch exactly what’s going on. People living in the past in the rainforests yet in their present and future. Areas of land we call countries being fought over by normal people we call leaders because ownership is so important to us. On a smaller scale, ownership used to be more important to me. Now I see that taking the time to make little changes for the ones
around us and appreciating our lives is a much better way to go.


Reflect sometimes…all the time

A clean mind, steady and simple thoughts

Less of a worry putting things into perspective

Stop thinking, stopped worrying and over thinking

Knowing what you want from what you have is important

I have recently realised that doing things I questionably hate

to get where I want to be

being the only reason that I do them.

I can’t wait to move to Glasgow.

things you might not know…

I forgot my sketch book today:


My mind seems to wander and every night I’ll have a dream…sometimes more dreams. I can’t help but constantly notice things that can be improved, look beautiful, look nice or look uncanny. It’s like an ongoing battle to get my mind to become normal so I don’t have to notice ‘everything’ but maybe it is how I am supposed to be!

I used to want to be an architect, I would still love to be but I equally love designing for interactions between people and human behavior…so an environmental designer would be the best thing. One whole year of reading then I can start that! Quite exciting!

WHAT have ‘I’ been doing?

I feel like I should give Mr Blog an update about what I have been getting up to.

Right now, I am sitting (21:48) with a very nice new Promarker, along with the others I just went into debt for, sketching up my concept plan. I have been concept sketching over the last few weeks mainly because my ideas come out best this way…I like to test and build when I have the product straight in my head. I think I’m on concept number 15 at the moment and hopefully my little spider map will take me a step further!

Apart from this, I have been watching a lot of documentaries recently and the ones I do watch I may hashtag (#)- people, lives, life, living, everyday, poverty, how other people live. Not only do I enjoy and have an interest in how other people live, I think it is important to know this. I know just from my upbringing that it is easy to get trapped and live carefree from the harsh lives of others until it pops up now and again on a t.v advert but now that I lead my own life I have a natural interest to learn about others. I could write for hours about it but we all have very different lives and everyone (the majority) will judge us on who/what/where we are. Working with Eastern Europen people in Britain in the summer, doing domestic work, waitressing etc always made me wonder why they didn’t want to buy new clothes or party after a pay check and I was ignorant to this thinking they were just working in Britain for money and nothing else. I think I am becoming relatively wise at the age of 23…or just more appreciative.

I will post some photos soon of the last few days and what’s been happening in sketchy book! Good night!

The 3D wayfinder

I have been researching how other designers have worked with technology to create a 3D option for people to travel through train stations. This video shows a design which is very complex in a large building where you can easily find brands, gifts, shops and the best routes to get to your destination automatically. The design is futuristic but probably not too far away. The only thing with this design that I don’t agree with is the large amount of options for its user. Although the idea looks nice, how many people will be waiting to use this one machine at one time? And how long will it take to find the destination due to the selection of options? I have been designing for the interior of the train stations to control and defeat the crazy, busy, uncontrolled human traffic to make the journey ‘The good journey’ however I think the key is to make the service I am going to design much more unique and accessible to the travellers, public and commuters using the journey daily, weekly etc. I am going to do this through connecting the smart phone users to the interior of the train station to avoid confusion, panics, and getting caught in the masses of people whilst travelling from ‘A’ the entrance of the station, to ‘B’ the preferred train platform.

I will upload the work I am working on soon.

Now and Then



And Now.


This post has nothing to do with snowboarding…I have just come home to Edinburgh for Christmas. I went into my old cupboard to find my book ‘The planets’. I wanted to see if I still had it because I won it or a school project when I was 8, that was when my teacher let us memorise all the popular planets in Space. And until now I haven’t thought much about Space until a few days ago when I was speaking to my flat mate about it for some reason.

From thinking purely about Space in terms of our universe and planets within it at a younger age, I was also naive about the size of people on Earth. Because we think people are big and little, fat and thin. However, on a broader scale, outside of Earth…we are all small. Yet the world is a crazy place, people want to be famous in the world and when they are they feel big. But again, they are still small. I only thought about these things when I was thinking about the sky at night. Because looking at the sky at night is like looking into Space through a large window, what we call he atmosphere. Such a nice thought when things get tough. We can’t visit the unknown but we can think about it because we are only one planet in a large place.

The battle between your present and future self

I found this talk interesting. It is encouraging that other designers believe that they can change the attitudes of people. The screen showing the emotional change between the elder man and the middle age/young man would surely affect people over time. Designing to create an emotional change seems like a good thing to do as this emotional change/ attitude can improve how we live or engage with each other as humans. It has to be something interactive or just clever because people now are less willing to change unless there’s something in it for them.